3 Effortless Feng Shui Tips That Can Give Your Home Positive Vibes ASAP

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of accenting the home in ways that enhance spiritual positivity, strengthen your relationships, and attract abundance to your life. Try a few of these quick and easy home tips for a nice spiritual lift!

Downward directions are dangerous. Cover any exposed beams, as the beneficial Feng Shui can be drained of the area through the energetic downward direction which can cause chaos, illnesses, and other negative experiences in your life.

Sleep tight in your bedroom! Make sure your bed isn’t facing your bedroom door. This is because positive Feng Shui should not have a direct path to an exit; you can try to keep the benefits absorbed by adding potted plants and mirrors. However, don’t allow the mirror to face your bed! I also once heard of an expert that swore that putting mirrors in the wrong place in the bedroom will attract the meddling of others into your private matters, or even cause infidelity in your love life.

Avoid hot colors in areas where you want to stay cool and comfy. Never get red bedding, or purchase lounging comfy chairs or couches in red. It’s a color of passion and heat, as well as anger. Coloring a space of tranquility and relaxation with such a stressful color could be detrimental to your peace of mind.


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