Are You Compatible With That Taurus You’ve Got Your Eye On? Find Out Here.

Our loyal Taurus friends make passionate lovers and the most loyal of friends. However, they cannot care for people without mutual respect. Taurean sensibility needs communicative friends who like the occasional reality check mixed with love and security.
Not every bull is going to play it cool all the time, though. The gentle side of Taurus is nurturing, protecting, and tenacious. Taureans will stop at nothing to make sure the work gets done so that they can spend the rest of the time relaxing.
One area of conflict that Taurus people must endure is getting too fixated on goals and plans — even though most goals are worthwhile. Taurus folks are persistent and don’t mind plodding away, but flexibility could be a good trait for them to develop. It’s best for Taurus to surround themselves with people who can help keep them focused but flexible. Taureans can keep the rest of the team on track, as well!
Let’s hear it for the Taurus — that quick mind and steadfast heart that holds a special place in ours!

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