Natural Disasters Are Ruining Planet Earth — & No One Cares

For those of you who haven’t heard, the Amazon rainforest is on fire and nobody seems to give a shit.

Climate experts worry that drastic environmental changes are coming faster than expected. Greedy land grabbers are chopping and burning Brazil’s rainforest for profit. If too many trees are stripped from the planet, Earth’s vegetation won’t be adequate as a buffer for these changes.

Each day, millions of tons of carbon dioxide exhaust invade the atmosphere as the Amazon rainforest fires rage on this summer. However, climate scientists are far more worried about what those trees indicate: illegal deforestation is on the rise. Without those trees, Earth’s protection against

Flames are spreading across the Amazon rainforest this summer, spewing millions of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each day. But scientists say that’s not their biggest concern. They’re far more worried about what the fires represent: a dramatic increase in illegal deforestation. Without these trees, Earth will be unable to handle the level of CO2 emissions that we create each year.

Earth is screwed, so are we, if Amazon rainforests continue to be destroyed.

Every minute, more than an entire soccer field’s worth of Amazon land is destroyed. Brazil’s Institute for Space Research estimates that deforestation rose by nearly 90% in June of this year in comparison with last year. In July, deforestation rose by 280%.

World leaders who are in positions to help Brazil are hemming and hawing because of ego issues like whether or not certain countries should apologize to each other. Brazil refused to allow other countries, such as France, to give them aid since Brazil’s leader wants an apology for some unintended oversight. Until the world learns how to get along better, it looks like the fires will keep burning.

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