These 10 Easy Tips Will Help You Begin the Journey of Eliminating Clutter From Your Life

  1. Set aside one minute per folder and recycle any papers you no longer need.
  2. Set a timer for ten minutes, grab a garbage bag, open the junk drawer, pick through anything no longer needed and toss it in the garbage.
  3. Go through your clothes closet and choose five articles of clothing you never wear. Put them in a donation bag, to be given to your favorite charity.
  4. Walk around your home for ten minutes with a hamper (or have your kids do this) and put any stray toys into the hamper. Tomorrow, make your 10-minute organizing project to put all the toys back in their proper homes.
  5. Write out all of your birthday, anniversary and other greeting cards for one month. Address them, stamp them and send them out.
  6. If you dread spending an entire hour each time you have to pay your bills, just take ten minutes each day to do this task instead. Leave your bill paying supplies out and available, so that you can pay the bills as you get them without having to take all of your supplies out each time.
  7. Whether you’ve been meaning to make an appointment with a doctor, your accountant, a repairman or a friend, take 10 minutes at this moment to do so.
  8. Spend 10 minutes deleting any email you no longer need from your inbox.
  9. Whether the surface is a table, a dresser, a desk or an ottoman, remove any clutter so you can actually see the surface again. File any papers needing filing, return any stray items to their rightful homes and toss any junk.
  10. Toss old makeup you never use, expired prescriptions and anything else you don’t need. Save your treasured room for the belongings you in fact use.

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